Saturday, October 29, 2011

first e-mail from the MTC!

Hey, this my first e-mail !
Hola! So first things first, my companion is named Elder Dorin. He is from San Diego and like me is going to the Tijuana Mission. He is into sports and working out and surfing. very cool. But it does take awhile to get used to having somebody go with you everywere 24/7 but with Elder Dorin its pretty easy. As soon as I came in and got settled in we immediatly started learning spanish. Everyone in my district is in the same program together. Basically all we do is speak spanish in the room. Im actually starting to catch on. We already have taught this "investigator" 2 lessons in spanish and its only been 3 days. So now I can ask some basic questions. Right now we are learning how to give a basic testimony and prayer in spanish. Its hard but fun to learn. Everybody in our district is excited for gym and our first partial P day. Right now I live on the 4th floor of our building with another companionship that are going to the Dominacan Republic, I feel bad for one of the them, he is from London so a lot of people on are floor call him govenor in a british accent. But he says that he thinks its funny. I wont lie the first days are proving to be difficult and hard. But the experienced guys say that if you can make past sunday things start to become better and easier. After that you have a schedual that stays the same for all the weeks that you are there for. The lessons here are getting me pumped up for going and teaching in mexico. The food is pretty good but just like Brother Frost said...starchy. Well I got to go so hasta luego!
Love Elder Johnson

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

To the MTC

 We stopped by the Temple To say our goodbys and to get a few more photos of our new missionary.

Here we are at the MTC drop off.

  The drop off is pretty quick.  Personally I think it's easier on everyone this way. 
A great day!  Now we are anxiously awaiting his first e-mail!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Getting set apart today as a missionary and tomorrow I enter the MTC!!!!