Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Last Sunday we had a interesting experience. At church its really common for people to just come into the church walking off the street, this one guy we met named Israel just decided to come over and he had never even met the missionaries before. We sat with him and talked for a bit. His family had been taking lessons from the Jehovah Witnesses but he said he did not like their views about God and their other religious practices. We went and taught their family about the restoration. They were all listening very well. When talking about the great apostasy I talked about how they had in their house 3 different bibles with different wording and told of how people started to interpret it differently. We had to close pretty fast though because...Jehovah witness came and had an appointment with them. We invited them to read and pray about the book of Mormon. We scheduled a lesson for next Saturday and left. When they showed up though they did not look pleased to see us. oh well. We will see what happens. But I have high hopes for them.
Elder Mayo and his companion also baptized this week which was cool to see.
This week we have also received excellent references of people that want to be baptized. One named Kathy who is the daughter of a former bishop who is now inactive really wants to get baptized so we are going to have a lesson with her later.
A key indicator we have is lessons with members. For the most part having a member there can make the lesson 10 times better. But I learned this week that we need to be very careful in who you invite. One of our investigator is named Anna Maria, we brought her next door neighbor who was a member but she started going off on how other churches were bad and evil. She also kept cutting us off and binging up topics that we did not want to get into. I have to admit during the whole time I wanted to tell her to be quiet. Luckily by the end she had become silent and we were able to testify with the spirit.
Are other investigator Elvieta did not feel good enough to come to church, la gripe, the flu. I hope next week she feels better and will come to church.
Love Elder Johnson
This maybe a bit random but I find it interesting how when I tell some people I'm from Utah they say"oh so Mexico" I say "no Uta- ah yes Mexico". This Friday is a zone conference so I expect some letters then. Yeah I have gotten better with conjugating. Right now I just get frustrated with the boot verbs or the irregular. Tell me in the next email the Southwicks mission calls, okay? 
Lydia-we teach so many people that I am having trouble keeping track, my companion is really nice. He is very caring and is very cool. I love you too.
Me and Elder Guevara are keeping our apartment a lot cleaner now. It easier and helps us do the things we need to do. I feel better with the language, but I have some days were I am doing really good and other days were I don't do to good. With some people its easy for me to talk with them and understand them. If its somebody new I usually have problems. But I am always getting better each day. We mostly have done service by helping people move from different houses and little random acts of service by helping people who get their cars stuck. I'm very happy here

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