Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This week we have been doing a lot of walking and visiting members. Some interesting things have come up in are lessons though.
As I said earlier we have been doing some tracting, people here react a lot differently then what I expected. In the US if a person is not interested in hearing your message they will say it. For some reason that is still strange to me, some people will just lie, por ejemplo we were trying to visit a person we had given a lesson to before but had not seemed too interested. We came back and her husband was there and told us that he was there by himself waiting for a telephone call. Right after that his son came out of his room and came to the door to say hello. He got really stiff and nervous like we had just caught him doing something really bad. I don't understand, maybe there conscience gets pricked or something.
A excellent experience we had was with Ana Marie. We decided to teach her about temples and doing work for dead family members, this is normally a lesson that the ward missionaries teach. But we felt impressed to teach it. This was also my first time teaching this principle. First we asked if she had been reading and praying about the Book of Mormon and about Joseph Smith. She said yes and we asked if she had received an answer. She told us of how she felt a lot more calm and peace in her life since she has started to do these things and said that she took this to be a YES!. It was amazing feeling knowing that an investigator has demonstrated the faith and received an answer. Whats also amazing is that she started to express how she wanted to quit drinking coffee, this is even before we had taught her the Word of Wisdom. The lesson just got better from there. I was teaching her about how important it is to do family history work when I felt something tell that I should testify of the blessings my family has received from doing family history work. After I said that though I thought to myself "why did I say that?" After our lesson she said that when I testified she felt that doing family history work is important and is going to the classes to learn about how to start. Best lesson ever.
We also have a new investigator who came to church named Brenda her husband is a less active member and she asked and we gave her a blessing. She has a lot of questions so I look forward to teaching her again.
Love Elder Micah Johnson
Dad- Tell the Southwick's congrats! Keep giving me updates on them. I wont be able to see there fare wells but I will be there for there homecomings. Yo memrizo cuando Jose smith tiene vision con Dios y jesucristo. verses 16 and 17. sorry I don't know how to do the accent marks on this computer.
Grandma and Grandpa-thanks for your email! Sounds like snow was in short supply this year. People complain that its cold here but it feels pretty warm to me. Jazz need to rev up there game it sound like. I think about you guys too and am grateful for the emails
Thank you for all the prays and support everybody

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