Thursday, September 20, 2012


Well this week we had a baptism! Leslie Rosas was baptized this past Tuesday, a lot of her family members came and so did a lot of members of the ward. It was a little hectic, we had problems looking for baptismal clothing for her but we eventually got it. Elder Ramirez played the violin during the service which was great.
We had planned for a baptismal service for one other investigator Alejandra but she didn't show up to the baptismal service and her dad wouldn't sign the register (she is under 18) so we will see if we can salvage that. 

This past Saturday and Sunday was independence day here. because of that we had to be in the house by 8 we both couldn't sleep well. A lot of gun shots, shouts of "VIVA A MEXICO!" and stuff like that in the night. I feel a little bad saying this but I feel that the holiday is just used as an excuse for a lot of people to start drinking and partying all night. Most of the members didn't do anything for the holiday because of it. Very few of the people that I talked to in the street really could explain to me the real significance of the day or its history. ah well.
We are trying to work with the father of Leslie but it was a little difficult. When we passed by he told us that he had been looking around the Internet about Mormon temples he then wanted to talk about what he had read and all the details of the temple covenants and things. We tried to explain to him that though things were sacred and that we don't take those things lightly. But he still kept wanting to talk about them.
We have also been running into a lot of people like that too. Honestly there are a lot of people that believe what ever is put in the Internet. I cant tell you how many times Ive had a person who wants to talk to me about the Freemasons and how they are convinced that they are trying to take over the United States. For me it can be a little annoying.
We have been trying to help some people who are becoming less or inactive in the church. Sign of the times: men's hearts failing them. Working with less actives can be a bit annoying, they always have a 1000 excuses most of them are about other members in the branch or the leadership or old missionaries. Most if not all have said that they still know the church is true but they don't go because of something stupid that happened between them and another member. I had to hold myself from raising my voice. I just wish people would take responsibility for there actions and quit blaming the rest of the world for there inactivity.
We have been implementing our new strategy. We found a new person. They are neighbors of our ward mission leader. Her name is Gaby, she is married to a member who is inactive. They actually use to live in Utah in Brigham. She was very receptive. I think we can have progress with them. We are going to continue having members help us.
Love Elder Micah Johnson

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