Friday, December 2, 2011

Last week Maybe?

Go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars. Sorry but me and my companion have still not received our travel plans which has us worried considering we are suppose to leave on Monday originally. The travel office has told us that if we didn't receive our travel plans by Friday to come back and talk. If I do receive them I will let you guys know. We had to go to Salt Lake City for about 4 hours to visit the Mexican consulate to fill out some papers. It was kind of neat seeing a bit of the outside world after not leaving the MTC for weeks, but it turned out to be like getting a license renewed at the DMV, slow and tedious. Luckily I had a of  couple books to read. Three of the elders in our district left in the middle of Wednesday because they needed to fly to Boise Idaho and go to Mexico's consulate there since the one in Salt lake was full. This was a blessing I think for our district. The 3 who had to go have become very lazy, annoying and a hindrance when ever we have class, study time and language study. There not taking the work very seriously, which was surprising to the rest of us since one of them use to be District leader and while he was, he worked very hard but now has gone in the opposite direction. It was getting so bad that verbal confrontations were becoming a common occurrence outside of class. Because they left I think we will have cooler heads when they return.
Thanksgiving was great. We had a devotional from Russel M Nelson. He told of his stories as a heart surgeon and his efforts to bring the church in Russia. Very inspiring. We had a turkey dinner with pie. All that was missing was the bubblie. We did a service project putting together emergency kits for those in Sudan. We ended by watching the film 17 miracles, a couple of guys in are district hadn't seen it and there were a lot of tears.
A recent devotional we had though was from a member of the quorum of the 70 and his wife. Brother Yamashta I think, he also spoke in the last general conference. His wife's English was a bit slow but the message and spirit were strong. It reminded me that this is probably how we sound when we bear are testimonies in Spanish. Hard to understand but strong spiritually. Brother Yamashta talked about how we need to immerse ourselves in the culture and love the people. Thats a new goal now. I want to see people the way Christ See's them
Dad-hey I'm going to send the card back that had William Tolivn. I'm afraid I wasn't able to get to him till today. Last week our P day landed on thanksgiving and the week before that my companion wanted to do inititorys. sorry I don't know if I will get time for the card you sent. Do i use predicad mi Evangelio? only every day :) they were not kidding when they told me that you would use preach my gospel (Spanish and English) a lot. That's a piece of advice I would give to every upcoming missionary is to read preach my gospel as much as possible. With my companion there are times that I love and feel lucky to be his companion, other times I just want to get away from him.  But those moments are not very common. The only thing that has annoyed me is that he has not read the BOM, and I think its important because its hypocritical to ask someone to read the BOM if you have not. You also don't fully know the doctrine till you have taught it but he is also a very hard worker and is excellent with the language. I think that even the best of companionships have this problem. It was difficult at first because we have really different backgrounds and personalities but we get along very well. Oh I forgot to tell you last time. but I finished the BOM again, Jesus the Christ, True to the Faith and Our Search for Happiness. Right now what I'm really trying to work on in language study is preterit and imperfect tense. Keep up the letters okay? thank love Micah
Elder Micah Johnson

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