Friday, December 23, 2011


Wow, thanks for the e-mails! I opened up my email account and was suprised to see so many emails that I have recieved. Dont have a lot of time so I will start right out.
The ward I am in is the Los Pinos ward which I think means the pines. The ward members are very nice and kind. We get to eat lunch with a ward member all the time which is nice. Im still adjusting to the food a bit but it is very delicious. I was a bit worried if they try to offer me water but most everybody uses filters. But only when they drink water which is rare. Every body drinks soda which is mostly coca-cola. Im starting to contribute a bit more in lessons but I'm still more quiet then I would like. One of our investigators, Yolanda and her daughter Lupita are going to be baptized on the 24th if it alll goes well. Yolanda has a lot of kids and her kids are funny. They laugh a lot at my troubles with the language but they also like to help. We recieve a lot of references this week so we are going to follow up on that. This last week was a bit frustrating because we did not have as much time as we would like to do actual work. Elder Guevara is the district leader so he has to do baptsimal interviews which usually requires us to take a bus on account that our mission area is MUY GRANDE. But its good that so many people are ready to be baptized. We dont track as much but its a lot better then I thought that it would be, most of the time they usually say no but are willing to talk for us for a second and take a pamphlet.
I hitch hiked for the first time in my life. I had to go on splits with another missionary because my companero had a meeting to go to. That was a lot of fun. I also had my first rain storm in Tijuana, when that happens everything turns to mud and the streets are flooded. I was really thankful for the boots and umbrella. The shoes are working great too. We walk up a lot of hills and they are holding up great, but I fail to see how the last mission president before Carreon could have enforeced the rule of haveing all shoes shined. Mine are covered in dirt. :)
It shocked me to find out that our area was considered one of the more higher income areas. The neighborhood that live right next to us, its called colle 3 octubre, all the houses are built out of plywood, cement blocks and any bits of wood that they can find. We also need to leave that area after 7 since its considered dangerous at that time of night. A lot of the people here are very poor.
One of are investigators, Gracia was feeling very overwhelemed with all the things she has to do and frustrated. I shared the scripture Ether 12:27 (favorite) and she looked a bit better. Im not entirely sure though, couldnt understand her.
My companion speaks English, but all the information you gathered on him is right. He is from monterrey, Mexico and only has a little bit of time left in his mission.  He really loves american music and movies. He knows a lot about american pop culture which makes me laugh a bit at times.
 I asked around about the temple and the church is waiting for the government to sign some documents to start, Sorry I dont know why it started underling. Blake sent me mail? awesome! I have not yet gotten. I probably will get it later at zone conference. Tell Blake and everybody else I said HI!.Im probably going to call you guys on Christmas day after church. I have gotten mail from the family including grandma and grandpa. But I have not recieved letters yet.
Love Micah
 Yolanda and parts of her family
Elder Johnson with Yolanda, her family and companion Elder Guevera

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