Wednesday, January 4, 2012

feliz anos!

I hope you guys had a great new year. My new year was a bit like my Christmas, I woke up and did everything I usually do then at around 12 go "oh its" When writing in my journal I thought a lot about the past year, last year at this time I was in my last year of high school. Feels like a life time ago. In the night it felt like a war zone, fireworks and gun shots all night and people shouting.
This week we got 3 new investigators. The first Nancy already has a baptismal date but she has to either marry the guy she is with or leave him, probably leave him, she hates the guy. While going to visit her, she left us a note saying that she had gone to visit her son, but we street contacted the guy next to us which is how we got are next two investigators, Salvador and Mary. I went up and started talking in Spanish when he stoped me and told me that he spoke English. It turned out his brother is a member of our ward, both Salvador and his brother Juan lived in the United States for most of their lives but Juan was deported and Salvador decided to come back to Mexico before getting deported. Both of them have been, in there words, In The System, prison for most of their lives. They don't say what for. He expressed that he wanted to make changes in his life, he told of his heroin addiction which makes me nervous. Most missionaries who teach drug addicts describe them as eternal investigators and that they don't keep commitments. I hope that with him and his girlfriend its different. Unfortunately we invited Nancy, Salvador, Mary to church but none of them showed up. dang.
Another piece of sad news for us in our zone is that one of the missionaries went home, Elder Vicab, I had gone splits with him a little while before and he seemed fine. This week I went on splits with an elder in my district from Canada he has been in the same area for 6 transfers and hopes that at the end of this transfer he gets to go somewhere else. Then I went on splits with one of the zone leaders, Elder Mann, sadly I got us lost many times. oops. With Elder Benson from Canada we saw the sight were the temple is going to be, right now its just an empty lot. While I was with him tracting a drunk came and thought I was Brigham Young and that Elder Benson was Joseph Smith. Very funny.
This week about a 150 people from Utah came, they were a group called homes with out boarders. They gave out clothing and built some houses for people. I didn't know any of them since most were from Orem but a couple of them that were getting ready for missions came with us to teach which was a good experience for them.
With Gracie and Santo, our other investigators, they are not making real progress, their not praying or coming to church so I hope they change and keep our commitments or we might need to stop coming by.
Love Elder Johnson
Lydia-The people here are a lot nicer then those in America. I really like talking with them. I like talking to people in Spanish too, they tell me that for only being here for 4 weeks my Spanish is getting really good. I hope that's true and that they are not just being nice.
Dad-Well just as long as the cougars don't go to the championship bowl game or a really big one while I'm gone, I'm good. how did Jimmer do in his first game? The Olympics starting soon? How is Mitt doing? Sorry a lot of worldly questions. I think your Spanish was right I understood it all. Your right about the differences in the Spanish too.
Mom-you should get something really cool. I know you guys asked for my address, idk, ill try to get it as soon as i can. How goes teaching? Grandma and Grandpa-there is really no snow? here its very hot, I'm sweating. Keep the letters up, tell Adam congrats from me, Ashley too.

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