Monday, January 9, 2012


Hey guys! I hope everything is going well. Heard Utah finally got snow, very cool. be honest our entire district has been having a rough go at it. Me and Elder Guevara invited 8 people to attend church again but just like last week none of the people came. I don't know but we try to keep spirits high. Salvador has stopped visiting with us altogether but we passed by him and gave him an English copy of the Book of Mormon (prefers English to Spanish). Our investigator Nancy has up and left. We stopped by to visit and the door was open and everything in the house is gone.
Gracia has a baptismal date. We are really happy by that, but she is not keeping the commitments. I feel like she isn't listening to us. She keeps telling us about problems and difficulties in her life and we try to keep telling her how the gospel can help her but she still doesn't do the things she needs to do. I think I'm starting to understand how Christ feels when people wont do what they are suppose to even though its to help them. Right now we are trying to find some more investigators through working with the ward which has been a great success we have received tons of references to go on. This week I have also been starting to take the lead a bit more in teaching lessons, I think I'm starting to get a bit better but at the first attempts I get really flustered especially after I say something and they said they cant understand my Spanish luckily Elder Guevara is with me to help.
The ward continues to be great, they tell me that my Spanish has really improved. I hope that's true and that they are not just being nice. Our district had an interview with President Carreon, all went well. Many of the families ask us to come over and visit them which is always nice. I also received the package that you sent with the ear plugs, pictures and the debit card. I desperately needed those ear plugs, I woke up one night and thought we were being attacked by a screaming Banshee, nope just my companion snoring. I show this one family we keep visiting a lot an old picture of our family where I have long side burns. They said I looked like Elvis. I also got that along with some mail from my friends including Blake's letter and letters that were sent to me while in the MTC.
Dad-at first I really felt frustrated by that, we were not being as effective as I wanted because of our people living so far away from each other. But we are starting to run into more people by street contacting which has been great and improving. It turns out with the bikes that they were only for elder Mayo and his Companion Elder Minquiz. But I went on splits with Elder Minquiez and I got to try the bikes, we sure got to our appointments a lot faster and on time. I'm sorry I'm still trying to work on figuring out our address. We live in a neighbor hood filled with these pink apartment buildings. That probably doesn't help. sorry. I will get it soon. I will probably be with Elder Guevara for another transfer. Training lasts for 12 weeks, and every six weeks is a transfer, so probably be here for two transfers.  Mom- Sadly no, they are not keeping  the commitments. I think one of the problems is that I have not been teaching by the spirit as much as I should have. Do you and dad have any advice on following the spirit? Or with getting investigators to keep commitments?  In order to find people me and elder Guevara are thinking of starting a class at church to teach English. A lot of people are asking if we would do that. Sounds like fun.
Love Elder Micah Johnson
ps. The bible in Spanish has the book of Micah spelt like this: Miqueas (me-kay-us)  cool.

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