Monday, January 16, 2012

Stake Conference

We had stake conference this last Sunday, it was televised from salt lake city and Dallin H. Oaks spoke but it was translated into Spanish and I honestly had no idea of what he said. This was also due to that some investigators came in the middle of it (which i am very thankful for) and we were running around helping them to find seat and giving Book of Mormons.
A new investiagor we got is named Luiz, he was baptized but never confirmed. weird. We need to check with the president to see what we need to do. But he might have to get rebaptized and confirmed. But he told us that he wanted to get baptized and confirmed.
Sadly we talked to Gracia and she told us the reason that she did not come to church was that she went to the catholic church and wants to stay there. We talked to her for a bit. I told her that we cared about her and we here to teach her because we know how much the gospel can bless her life. I think that got to her a bit but she still wanted to stay with her church. I consider teaching her a learning experience. Looking back I wish I had focused more on receiving an answer to know if what we say is true. But I felt alright leaving, I felt that maybe in the future some missionaries will see her name in the area book and come and visit her and she will come to church.
We are also teaching Fernando who seems ready for the gospel.
We are also teaching a guy named Eduardo who is very open to the gospel. But I hope its for the right reasons and not just because his girlfriend is a member.
Last Monday we went and climbed a mountain, its called cerro colorado. I don't know if i sent a picture of it but it has the Jesucristo es el senor, on it. I was the first to get to the top and then Elder Mann (our zone leader) came and asked "you were a boy scout weren't you?" "yep". Afterwards we went and got some Chinese food, it tasted a bit different then what I had before but was delicious. It was a lot of fun. I forgot my camera but I will send pictures soon.
Yesterday was the last day of transfers. Elder Mayo is staying here and training a new missionary, his old companion Elder Minqueiz is going some where different. Elder Mann is going to Mexicali (probably spelt that wrong). My friend Elder Benson got called to somewhere else. I hope we will be in the same district again. His old companion elder Del Angel is done with his mission and going home.
Love Micah Johnson

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