Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the last few weeks!

last week-
This week we had another baptism and confirmation. Tereza, she had been having problems with alcohol and coffee but this week she was ready for baptism. She actually needed two people to help baptize her, she is kind of big and has problems with her spine. So me and another ward member helped in the baptismal service.
I made a new language plan, I'm trying to memorize 5 words a day, one scripture, read a page in the book of Mormon in Spanish and write a paragraph of what happened in Spanish. I'm trying to do these things to better master the language.
I got a bit frustrated with Elder Llaguno. Yesterday we ran into 2 sister members outside are apartment. they both close to our age. I kept trying to say things like "oh well we need to go.." "we need to make plan for tomorrow bye" but he kept talking to them. They asked for some water so I went a got them two glasses of water. One of them said she had two go to the bathroom. Elder Llaguno looked at me as if he were unsure and I just said "NO, sorry" Even though she didn't ask i made it clear she could not come into our house. Finally they both left. But today I got mad again when we were going to write our families he didn't have any money. He wanted to go to female members house to ask if we can use her computer. I had to remind him that the rules say we cant use members computers and say I would pay for it. Those things just make me mad because he knows the rules. He is ending his mission in 4 months but is disregarding the rules. He should be setting the example.
This week we are going to look for more investigators we are really out of people to teach.
Love Elder Micah Johnson
this week-
Well...I have some bad news. Elder Llaguno has decided to go home. I will try to explain what happen.
You remember those two girls from last week? Well when Tuesday came around while we were studying my companion told me that he wanted some cookies so we stopped by a small store but he lied to me and instead decided to use their telephone booth. We have a cell phone so their is really no point in using another persons phone unless you want to do something your not suppose to do. We went back to the house and I was feeling mad that he had lied to me like that. When we were done he said that we had reimbursements and wanted to get his money. So we went to the ATM at the market and guess who happened to be there? The girls. They were talking fast and I had no Idea what they were saying. They were talking about a person they knew who was a member in our sector so i thought we were going to visit them so we got in the car. It turns out we were going to the Macroplaza for food. Its against the rules to leave your sector with out permission of the leaders. I finally put it together that he had planned this and was feeling worse and worse by the second. We got to the Macro plaza and I was feeling just horrible. They wanted to go eat Pizza but they needed to go get money so Elder Llaguno said we would meet them there but on the way there I told him I didn't feel good about being there and before I knew it my voice was getting raised and I was yelling that so we ended up ditching them which made me happy but this really made Llaguno mad. He started walking really fast trying to make it difficult for me to catch up and all the while talking about how if I wanted to obey the rules I needed to be at his side at all the times. Later we got a call from the zone leaders and we explained what happened. One thing I am thankful for is that Elder Wilkinson wanted to get my side of the story so I got to tell him. The next day when we had district study I went and explained to the zone leaders what happened. The next day we had interviews with the president. I just told him what happened. Llaguno told him he wanted to go home. He managed to persuade him not too but yesterday after having a hard day with rain he decided to go home. Part of the reason he wanted to go home I believe is that his family is inactive and are encouraging him to come home. Also after our two baptisms we don't have many people to teach. The Other part is that we have been having communication problems due to my struggles with Spanish and he had little patience .When I learned he wanted to go home I felt some pain in my soul, I wish he would have changed his mind. Even though he was unkind I know he is going to regret this for the rest of his life or if not now in the after life. When I was driving home with my new companion I was feeling pretty down but as soon as we got home I already felt 10 times better with him. While I feel sad this has happened this has just strengthened my resolve to study Spanish and to complete my mission with honor. I will not loose sight of why I am here. I still remember something dad said in a old email and I have decided to make this my theme: Give me this mountain.
Love Elder Johnson

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