Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I forgot to mention last week that we would be having cambios (transfers) this week. I have left  to a new area leaving Elder Alvarez back in Los Pinos. He will always be one of my favorite companions. I feel kind of sad leaving, I really like all the ward members. It is a great ward. With Elder Alvarez we only had the family Gutierez to teach but they are making progress. They showed up late to church this Sunday, but they came- which was awesome. The past week they invited us over for tacos which were really good. There was a lot of food. One thing I should probably mention is that they live in a area called Terrazas de la presa its probably the richest area of our sector, few missionaries actually get investigators there. The father Javier, makes his living by buying cars in the US and selling them here in TJ. He also buys houses and fixes them up and sells them. Flip man. We started teaching them about the palabra de sabiduria (word of wisdom) and when we finished we felt we should talk about the law of chastity. That's when we found out a problem. They have 4 kids and are not married. 
It was kind of surprising to me to hear that. They have plenty of money and the proper paper work for a wedding. Usually the reason people don't get married is because its too expensive for them. The mom said she wants to get married and Javier said so also but he sounded less sure. 
We have doing a lot of contacting, when you do that you start to notice that a lot of peoples answers sound a lot alike. A lot of them say that as long as you know Jesus Christ is your saviour it didn't matter what church you go to. When that happens I think of in the New Testament when Jesus Christ cast out demons from people, when he did the evil spirits would cry out asking to be left alone "for we know that thou art the Christ" The lesson I learn from that (with the help of Jesus the Christ By James talmage) is that just saying or even believing that Jesus is our saviour wont save you. Elder Mayo just told me of the scripture that tells about this in James Chapter 2 verse 19. We believe in Christ but so do the demons. This knowledge didn't change their evil ways. We must take action for our salvation. 
Sorry back to the transfers. I am now with Elder Minquiez in Florido. We were in a chapel with a bunch of other Elders waiting for the president to announce were we were going and who with, I was pretty nervous but I wanted to leap for joy when the president said my name with Elder Minquiez. I am really excited to be with him. He was with Elder Mayo in my district with my first 6 weeks. He is very funny and relaxed. I am also in the same district with Elder Mayo again so that's good. There are not many members in our area so we just have a branch and we don't have a chapel. I think we meet in a ware house. We are trying to focus are efforts on bringing more youth to the ward. 
My new apartment is the best. Its really big and clean. We have a washing machine so now I wont have to haul my clothes and pay to clean them. Its great. 
Love Elder Micah Johnson
I'm happy to hear Blake got his mission call, tell him congrats from me. You never know, maybe his Spanish will help in that mission.

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  1. My nephew just arrived in Los Pinos with Elder Alvarez!!! Whoda thunk it.