Tuesday, May 1, 2012

last two weeks

April 23, 2012
This last sunday I had to give a talk in Sacarement meeting. It definitly was not one of my better ones. Me and Elder Minquiz found out about it when we got home at night. We were both pretty tired, entonces I did not do as great of a job as I should have. I rushed through and sat down. I realized right after that the microphone wasnt on so not many people heard what I said. oops. Elder Minquiz gave a great talk and they fixed the mike. More importantly though we had the same family in church the Monsalvos. They are probably going to be baptized this week. The only thing that worries me is that at our last lesson, thier son said that this saturday was too soon and wanted to push it back. When we asked why he said he felt bad about leaving the Catholic church. Honestly that confuses me a little. He hasnt gone to Catholic church in years and says he doesnt like the church service much. So I wonder if that is the real reason.
We have a new investigator named Gallerno. He used to live in the United States but was then incarerated and afterwards deported here. He was put in prison for stealing cars. Here in TJ you find a lot of people like him. Ex-convicts who have turned there lives around and want to come closer to God. He is making good progress.
We are teaching another family too but they are not making good progress, when we taught them the law of chasity the son said ¨but our teacher says in school that those things (adultery and fornication) are natural and not bad.¨ I was a bit flabergasted by that. ¨they really teach you that¨ I was just thinking about how if that happened in Utah parents would be extremly upset and how differently they think here.
We got to do a little service this week. We went to go teach a guy we street contacted and we got to help lay some bricks. We helped him lay a row of cement and bricks. It was a lot of fun and we got to teach him some gospel principles.
I learned a bit more of Elder Minquiz background, his parents seperated when he was 16 so during his high school years he lived with his brothers. He was also converted to the gospel when he was 16, his mom did not approve of it but his dad gave the okay. He doesnt get any emails from his mom or dad just his brothers, one of which is in military school now. With all he has been through he has come out with a strong testimony of the gospel.
I found out Elder Guzman(elder Mayo companion) is from Kennwick Washington. He says there are a lot of spanish speakers there so Blake may get a chance to use his spanish skills.
Love- Elder Micah Johnson
April 30,2012
This week has been a little tough for getting teaching opportunities and the ones we have had are people who are not completley interested or didnt believe the things we taught. We didnt have any investigators at church this week either. But its always important in the mission never to loose hope, some where out there is somebody waiting and looking for the gospel.
One of the things we are trying to improve on is comunication with the leaders de la rama. Most of them work in the United States and usually only come back on weekends. So its been difficult to get a hold of them.
This week we were teaching a family who were recent converts about the importance of doing family genealogy work. When ever this happens I always like to pull out the pedigree chart of our family and show it to them. They thought it was pretty neat and that they wanted to get started on doing genealogy work for their family.
This week we have been showing a lot of DVDS to people, specifically the Joseph Smith story and the Testaments. Both are great. This past week I have been trying to focus more on testifying in lessons, I felt I had become sort of a robot in lessons, when that happens most likely your investigators will feel the same way. That your just regurgitating what you have told others 1000 times. its important to teach for them and not just teach for a number. It can be easy to loose sight of that. One thing that kind of sadens me is how seeing the poverty here doesnt suprise me any more. Some of the conditions people live in are completley horrible, we taught a family of 4 who lived in a cinder block building about the size of my old bedroom. I asked one of the ward members who works at a Mcdonalds how much she makes, she only gets 12 pesos a hour. thats about 1 dollar some days its less. Even with the poverty some people are in, they are still a happy and spiritual bunch.
Sorry I dont have much to report on for this week, I will write a bit more next week.
Love Elder Micah Johnson
Dad-That experience has taught me to be a bit more preparred with talks, I am definitly going to carry some talks with me just in case. Im looking forward to calling home too :) Elder Minquiz said we can choose either the 10th or the 13th. He is planning on the 13th so I will plan for the same time. The plan is to use a computer of one of the members that has a skype account. So get skype soon!  
Mom- Thank you for your words, I had been feeling a little less confident in my abilities, but Your words reminded me that the lord is here to help me I can always have him for support. I really like the part were you said walk with some swagger in your step. I can see myself with some swagger "yeah I'm a missionary for the lord...whats up? hahaha thanks.

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