Tuesday, May 29, 2012


This week we have gotten more referrals, 2 of them Sergio and Victor look promising. We also started teaching an old investigator Fernando who looks promising as well. 
This past Friday my companion was not feeling to good, his throat was a bit swollen and he had a fever so we went to a doctor to get him checked out. The thing is I am not sure if the doctor we go to is the most medically competent. This might just be me being paranoid but the doctors office is located right next to a pharmacy, in fact the two buildings are attached together. He was in the guys office for literally 3 minutes before he came out with a prescription for about 500 pesos worth of medicine. So it makes me wonder a bit if he is just trying to push expensive medicine on us. Elder Rico didn't have any money to pay for all of it so I ended up helping him out a bit. Then after that we called Hermana Carreon who told us to go back and get some rest so we headed back to the house at 4. He went and took a nap but I wasn't tired or sick so just ended up doing some reading and thinking, bad idea, not having things to do changes your focus from the work to other things at home. Because of his sickness we have not been able to work that hard but he seems better now so I have hope that this week we will have more teaching appointments. I'm still thankful that I haven't gotten sick to the point were I couldn't work, I have heard of some Americans who have gotten sick for a couple of weeks and I do not want to share in that experience. 
Elder Rico seems like a nice guy, he includes me a lot more in the decision making but there are some things that are making me a little nervous. When he sees a airplane fly over he always says 9 months. That's the amount of time he has left in the mission. 

This week I have also been practicing my rr, the rolling your tongue and different phrases such as this
¨trace tristes tigres tragaban trigo en trace tristes trasos. En trace Tristes trasos tragaban trigo trace tristes tigres.¨

.Elder Mayo is our new district leader and I felt our last District meeting was great. Our old district leader never had anything planned and we just lay there talking not making real progress. But Elder Mayo has whipped it back into shape. So I have high hopes. 
Love Elder Micah Johnson

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