Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mothers Day

One thing I forgot to say yesterday over skype was Happy Mothers Day! sorry I was so excited about getting to talk to the family that I forgot a couple things I wanted to say. I look forward to calling the family again at Christmas. 
So after my time was up talking with the family Elder Mayo called asking us if we knew a member who had skype, he tried at a couple of different places with no success. Luckily we were able to get him to our sector and on skype with plenty of time to talk to his family. He introduced me, Guzman (his comp) and Elder Minquiz to his Mom, Dad and younger brother. 
I also found out later that night that we would be giving talks the next Sunday. At least this time I have more time to write something and spend some more time on it. This is my chance at redemption. hahaha
This past week I also had splits with the companion of the district leader Elder Vargas in his sector. I was a bit nervous about it. He only had 2 months in the mission field and was still in training. But when we went to our first teaching appointments I was able to take a good lead on the lessons and I felt the spirit testify of the words I said to their investigators. After, I felt I had led alright. I'm still worried about the possibility of becoming senior companion but now not as much. Friday we had a zone conference, surprisingly Hermana Carreon spoke to us about obedience. In all of our conferences she usually doesn't talk. But she gave as a talk about the importance of being obedient. "you are either an obedient missionary or not" I think it was something our sector needed to hear. We are a baptizing sector but I think because of that we may have become a bit relaxed about rules, just not taking them as seriously as we should. 
Are new goal this week is to get 7 references from ward members and contact them. That is mostly the plan for the week. A lot of times after the baptism and confirmation it a bit like "okay what now?"
I'm trying to think of things I may have forgotten to mention in my call last night. I forgot to mention we do have 2 investigators (Gabriela and Reuben) who have had all the lessons from Elder Mayo and Elder Guzman. They want to be part of our branch because of some personal problems they have with the bishop of their ward. The only thing that is keeping them from getting baptized is marriage. They said that they wanted to, we just need to make arrangements for them to go to San Luis to make it official.
Another thing I forgot to mention was a little bit of information about this sector, Here there is a lot of people with horses and surprisingly we have come across a mans house who had 4 ostriches and a donkey. weird. It explains the odd noises we have at night. 
Love Elder Micah Johnson

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