Monday, July 30, 2012

July 16th

I missed putting this letter up but it has a really fun story in it I thought might be fun to read so here you go......

Well this week has been interesting...sadly we have lost a lot of investigators. They didn't go to church. But whats cool is that a new person named Guadalupe and her husband showed up to church and they want us to come over to teach them. Very cool.
One of the investigators we went to get after sacrament meeting, she said she would show up but didn't. When we got to her street we saw her sister at the gate and she let us in. When we got to the house we talked with Susana (investigator) she said that the reason she didn't come was that her sister (the one we just talked too) had tried to turn the boiler on this morning but accidental got half her face burnt and burned off part of her hair and eyebrows. We told ¨But we just talked to your sister and her face is fine¨ but even though we caught her in the lie she kept going on about it. She stuck too it. So we dropped her after that. Another investigator told us she would come to church if we got her a ride. We arranged the ride but when the members went to go pick her up she lied and said¨didnt the missionaries tell you, I told them I wouldn't be able to go anymore¨ dang we dropped her too.
One guy we have found this past week named Mario didn't go to church this week either. But we are still going to work on him this week since we just started with him. But we taught him the word of wisdom and I think that might be what turned him off. In the lesson he admitted to having problems with drugs, alcohol ( a lot), smoking, coffee and tea. I kind of wanted to point out to him that he would have more money for food if he didn't use this stuff. (he is homeless). We are going to keep working with him. But we are back to the drawing board. Oh and the American investigator, Shana, we have talked wants to have lessons with us but his wife is a hard core catholic and does not like talking to us at all. We still get to talk to Shana a couple times, very nice guy. His adopted kids are actually his brothers kids that he legally adopted after his brother and sister in law went to prison for robbing a house. The kids seem interested too.
Okay cool experiences this week, one day me and Miguel were heading home, both of us were hungry and all we had in the house was eggs. I said that I could really go for some tacos and literally 5 seconds after I said that a black car pulled up next to us. He lowered his window gave me 200 pesos and just said¨go buy some tacos¨ and drove off. I had never seen the guy in my life. It was very cool.
We ran into evangelical Christian's from Texas and California a couple time this week they were here building a church. During one of the times we ran into them I was with my zone leader Elder Anderson. they asked us to share a bit of our beliefs about what makes us different from other religions. This was a bit harder to do in English but we talked about the restoration of the church and the book of Mormon. I think they were a little intrigued but they began to share there beliefs about how they thought it didn't matter what religion you were just as long as you accept Jesus as your savior. One of them gave me a new Gideons pocket bible, I later just put in a cupboard. While I was talking to one of there members who use to be a Mormon before joining there congregation, the rest of the group had a pray with Anderson were they sort of ambushed him praying for the salvation of ¨his lost soul¨ He was a little annoyed by that later, I thought it was kind of funny. But we didn't realize that they were recording it on camera till after it was said and done. So if you see a Video on youtube called ¨10 day missionaries save LDS missionary¨ that's him.
Me and Elder Miguel continue to get along great he is my new favorite companion
Love Elder Micah Johnson

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