Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30

One thing you learn quick about Tijuana is that there are a lot of interesting characters. While contacting 3 guys outside there house one of them started talking to us in pretty poor Spanish with a Russian accent. I didn't really remember what he said, all I could think of is how hilarious a Russian accent in Spanish is. He gave us his spiel about religion, world affairs and god while waving his cigarette. It was kind of funny. I tried asking were he was from but he just said Somalia. He was white, bald with blue eyes.
Today is Elder Miguel's birthday. He is turning 21. I am going to see if we can try and do something cool for it.
He also revealed to me that this is actually his last transfer. He didn't want to tell members so that when ever we saw them they would all be ¨oh Elder Miguel you only have 2 weeks left¨ and keep reminding him about it. I am really going to miss him. I hope that we meet up at BYU.
A big item of news here is about the Batman movie starting, at a premiere a man came with a AK-47 and killed a bunch of people. Some people here in Mexico are really superstitious. they now claim that it is cursed.A bit of news gossip here. People here are also talking about the Olympics.
Okay the good stuff. Investigators. Guadalupe and Waldemar came to church, they are not able to get baptized right now. When we taught them the lay de castidad (chasity) they told us they had been married by the catholic church but they are not registered as married according to the government. So we need to get them legally married. It kind of just reminded me with the Gutierrez family how we lost them over that. I think we will be able to have better luck this time.
We also met a cool new family of 3. Nanny and Luis.The mom and dad both are young parents and have lived most of there live in the United States. The husband still works there. We gave them the first lesson. It was the first time I gave the lesson of the restoration in English, it is kind of hard to switch back. But it was good we got them baptismal dates. they didn't come to church but I still think that we can work with them and bring them to church.
This week we have been working a lot more with members, visiting them and trying to get references. They are great people but sometime when they say don't know people it can get hard. Sometimes we will say a name of a person they know who isn't a member but they will say things like ¨oh she wouldn't be interested she is catholic.¨ I usually respond by saying ¨we are in Mexico, everyone is catholic!¨ but we have gotten some good leads. We are reactivating this teenager named Kevin and his family. Kevin keeps coming to church by himself and we would like to get his family active too.
we also have interviews with the president too. Looking forward to that.
Love Elder Micah Johnson

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