Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9 2012cOOO

Drum roll please...The Church will officially begin construction on the Tijuana Mexico temple August 18th. I had heard rumors about for the past week and this past Sunday they officially announced it in church. I hope I will still be here when they open the temple. 
This week has been the best. A lot of interesting experiences. Elder Miguel is a excellent companion, one of the best. He is very spiritual and has great insights, he also knows how to teach very well. We have already found new investigators and people to teach. Tuesday when we left to go start working we actually ran into one of our neighbors who live on the bottom floor, he is from the United States but came over here to escape the high prices and to marry his wife. He has three adopted kids from his brother that he takes care of. We talked a bit and started talking about families and how much he likes traditional family values. We came back the next day and shared a short message on the importance of family values. We gave him a family proclamation and we shared the video of ¨Together Forever¨ Its a little bit difficult to teach them, The dad and 3 of his adopted kids only speak English and his wife only speaks Spanish. I don't know how that happened. But they seem to understand each other pretty well. A great experience.
That same day we went to go search for a less active member, we accidentally  went to the wrong house but before we could knock on the door, their pit bull jumped out from her dark den and started attacking my companion, it bit his knee. Before I could do anything the owner heard the noise and came out of the house and got the dog off. We left and went to a members house to inspect the damage a bit, One of the members went to go to the same house to confront them about the dog but they didn't answer. The members gave us a ride to the doctors and we got him some medicine. The wound is not grave but he had a big bruise. 
We have started also working with a less active member. This is the family I showed how to fold the American flag. They invited us over on the 5th for breakfast which was delicious. It also included something I had not seen for the length of my mission, Root Beer. It was so good. He is a good guy, he use to be a missionary here in Tijuana when they first opened the mission here. We are going to continue to work with and hopefully get him back to church. 
We have found new investigators 2 sisters and her friend. Luz, Sandra and Susana. We only were able to get Sandra to church and it was only for the final hours of relief society but I think she had a good time and will tell the others about it. This next week I think they will all come. 
We also got a reference we taught. The dad is almost atheist and kind of attacked us by asking us difficult questions that were hard to answer. I need to get better with situations like that. We got him committed to pray though so I think if he sincerely does it he will start to grow more in tuned with the spirit. The family as a whole have a lot of questions about God.

This week we have had 16 lessons that is insanely good and whats even better is that instead of us contacting people, others are contacting us in the street.
Love Elder Micah Johnson
Mom-we sure are tearing it up, if we keep this up Riberas del Bosque will be translated like Enouch. Already our relationship with members has improved dramatically. They were shocked and surprised that I was still here and not Elder Rico. But most of them say that they are glad I am still here and he is gone. Elder Miguel is from Coconut Creek he lives literally 5 minutes from Coral Springs. His ward is called The Coconut creek ward also. He says that you can give him the information of Craig and Cindy if you want. When he returns home in 6 months they will be in the same stake. He use to live in Coral springs too.  
Dad-please do send me one of the ties from Missionary mall. A lot of missionaries are jealous that I have such good ties for free. Sounds like it was a smaller 4th of July. Not much happened here. Did you guys still buy fireworks.  His dad is from Gutamala and his mom is from El Salvador. He grew up in his home speaking spanish. He was born in Los angeles. We have a lot in common. 
Love Elder Johnson

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  1. Hey Micah! I've written you four letters this year, but based off of your first response letter (last month,) it sounds like you haven't gotten a single one.

    I'm so sorry! Anyway, I will continue to write you once every month; just know that I didn't stop writing.